1. Management idea

    Let us work together - increase shareholder returns and employee income!

    Growing together with the customers - to provide the most suitable products to clients!

    For Chinese automotive industry - to promote the localization rate of contribution!

  2. Quality policy:

    Everything to zero defect concept, must continue to improve the management system, to achieve customer satisfaction, and create a win-win situation.

  3. Environmental Policy :

    Compliance with laws and regulations to meet customer green environmental pollution, energy saving and pollution preventation for continuous improvement.

  4. The service concept

    There is no best, only better.

  5. View of value

    Provide equal opportunities to each staff to display their talent, so that employees enjoy

    working process. Through individual efforts and get higher returns, such as income,

    experience, social status. The employees become the happy life in the foundation platform.

    This is a thing will be up to the greatest contribution to society!

  6. Spirit of employee

    Happy, dedicated, and trustworthy, loyal, tolerant, self-discipline.

  7. Mission

    Through continuous improvement of quality and technology promotion, customers, suppliers,

    employees and investors ' satisfaction, make the enterprise sustainable development!

  8. Belief

    Respect for the individual, trust, encourage employees free play; benefit by mutual discussion,

    team cooperation, common to achieve company goals.