The implementation of environmental protection and clean production in the background:

Face the current global greenhouse effect, energy crisis, damage to the ozone layer, air pollution, water pollution, lack of resources and land desertification serious environment crisis, the environmental problem is not only a threat to human survival and health of body and mind, but also to human sustainable development caused serious obstacle.

Our action:

Our Company in 2012 established the ISO14001:2004, LCMP ( low carbon manufacturing planning ) management system, to all levels of staff training; formation environment and energy-saving emission reduction targets, and daily production, life integration, within the company to promote the implementation of

a) Conclusion the environmental policy
b)Conclusion the LCMP policy and
c) Implementation of training.

Internal wide publicity ISO14001:2004, LCMP Low carbon manufacturing plan and other relevant knowledge:

a) ISO14001 LCMP Environmental awareness
b) The concept of energy-saving and emission reduction propaganda
c) Energy saving remind

Establishing the management plan and take corresponding measures, pollution control and prevention, to environmental monitoring.

And the Hongkong Productivity Council Environmental Management Department to establish relations of cooperation, we invested more than 300000 RMB this year launched the " demonstration project ", " a field evaluation of project ", "certified improvement project " and " clean production project ".

About 10000000 yuan investment, adopt advanced production equipment / process, inefficient energy behind production process / equipment.

Government, society of our environmental protection this year & Cleaner production work for sure:
a) ISO14001:2004 Certificate
b) Cleaner Production Medal
c) LCMP Platinum Medal

To conclude:

The earth is our home, we rely on environmental protection:

Blue sky, green water, fresh air is beneficial not only to the health of the human body, but also to make people work when the mood;

Good living habits, clean, no pollution to the environment, not only related to their physical and mental health, more deeply affect our children grow up healthy.

The implementation of environmental protection, energy saving and production, reduce environmental pollution, is the company's community volunteer